1. What is the price for a Toyger kitten?
A. Toyger Kittens typically range from $1500 and up depending
how close they are to the Toyger Breed Standard. The average
price for our champion bloodlines (excellent markings, coloring
and temperment)  is between $1
500 and $1800.  Show quality
(the best examples of the breed) can be over $2,000

2. Can I see a picture of the available kittens?
A. Kittens are evaluated for final pricing at 10 weeks of age. This is
because Toyger kittens are born grey with black markings with a very
"fuzzy" appearance.  Photographs are very difficult to take and do not
represent what the kitten will look like. It takes a Toyger up to eight
months to fully develop their coat and their stripes. So, pictures can
absolutely be provided however they won't show much in terms of the
future appearance.

3. At what age can my kitten come home?
A. Toyger kittens can come home after twelve weeks once their
spay/neuter is complete.

4. Can kittens be shipped to my home?
A. We can ship to any airport where United Airlines flies DIRECT from
Chicago. Shipping is an additional $350 for airline tickets/crates/health
certificate etc  .We can also provide delivery service. Kitten travel in
cabin carried by "delivery" person. E mail me for details, if interested.

5. I want a kitten, what's the next step?
A. We typically have a waiting list for kittens, you could be added to the
waiting list by emailing us and we will provide a deposit form and further
instructions. The deposit to hold your kitten is $200.
3 weeks old                   12 weeks old                        8 months old