DesignerStripes is a small, home based cattery located in North Aurora,
IL, 40 miles west of beautiful downtown Chicago. I breed these unique
designer cats for 12 years.   Our Toygers make for wonderful companions,
they are known for their sweet, loving and energetic disposition.  Our
Toyger kittens  are raised with constant care and attention from our family,
grandchildren and Cooper, our mischievous Doberman.The attention and
love they receive in their all important formative first months assures  
kittens are very well socialized before they leave us for their forever
Every single  Toyger kitten born at DesignerStripes is important to us, we
treat our kittens like little members of the family. We absolutely love to get
updates and hear stories about our babies from their new owners.

A bit about myself, my name is Helen Baloun:
I am the cattery owner, TICA,
Toyger Cat USA member.
I am very proud of producing multiple Supreme Grand Champions, living
with me or catteries in USA, even in Europe.

My goal from the beginning is to work hand in hand with other Toyger
breeders along with guidance from Toyger founder, Judy Sugden, to help
bring the Toyger breed to its final destination according to the Toyger
breed standard.

I will NEVER breed Toyger kittens for quantity, but with quality,
health and personality in mind, that is my promise. I  follow the
TICA breeders code of ethics!
Click to read the TICA code of ethics.
All my breeding cats are DNA tested and scanned for Hypertrophic  Cardiomyopathy by Cardiologist coming to my
home  with necessary portable equipment. So far all my Toygers past all the tests with flying color.
I have more and more kittens with permanent  white belly, my goal for the future litters. Every Toyger kitten have
white belly to a certain age,but only the ones born to "whited parents " stay permanent
See one of my permanently whited boy on pictures bellow.
Arnie at 12 weeks old and one year later
I am very proud that pictures of my  two Toyger boys were chosen by PURINA
company for advertising on their website and also to be on bags of treats and dry food .
You can see them in every pet store in the USA.

      All of our kittens and cats are TICA registered