Our Toyger Kittens and Pricing

The Toyger breed is still developing, every kitten is different and unique so we cannot
quote just one price for a kitten, because of the wide variation between the Toyger
kittens.  Some are closer to the breed standard, more striped, better contrast and more
orange in color.    

We all know the saying, “you get what you pay for” which is exactly why I purchased
my first two females from reputable Toyger breeders and bred them with the best males

EEYAA Lazer Glow fathered the Best in Breed Toyger for 2007 and 2008 before he
came to my cattery from Pennsylvania.  Xquizit Bryce, my second stud was shipped to
me from Australia, and his daughter which was born here at DesignerStripes was The
Best Toyger Kitten in the Great Lakes Region for 2009 and 2010.  Third boy  was RW
QGC ToygerHaven CosmicChill,

These Toyger boys produced beautiful kittens from which I selected the best specimens
for future breeding.  Every generation of Toyger born at my cattery continues to look
better and better and I work hard to continue to develop the future of the breed.

In addition, I spare no expense when it comes to my Toygers.  My Toygers are fed the
best cat food available with no preservatives and the highest quality of ingredience
(Royal Canin) in order to build a strong immune system and beautiful coat from an
early age.  My Toyger kittens typically leave the cattery at twelve weeks of age,
spayed and neutered with their first kitten shots and veterinarian visits, since I do not
vaccinate at home.  All of these things are included in the price for my Toygers.  
Breeding Toygers is a hobby and a challenge for me, to create the best possible
Toygers, NOT to minimize expenses and sell cheap kittens to turn a profit.  

In case you will not find a Toyger kitten for you from DesignerStripes Cattery I strongly
recommend to visit  

organization I am a proud member of. All members of ToygerCats USA are
my colleagues and friends with the same goal -to improve the Toyger breed.
                                   Kittens from our current litters
Our Toyger kittens are purebred Toygers, offspring of our                
"homebred"champion bloodlines - unique designer cats.

Spring litters are here and we still have a couple of kittens available for adoption/sale !
          Contact us for info on how to reserve one of our precious available Toyger kittens
                                                  from current or future litters,