We love to keep in touch with our Toyger owners, here
is what they have to say about their kittens

Here is from Doug and Domingas :
Hi Helen.

Wanted to give you an update on my best little (not so little
anymore) friend.

We absolutely adore him to death and he's such a great
compliment to us. Chuck Norris is doing awesome and
continuing to be a busy boy. He LOVES to be around me with
everything I do, he needs a little tool belt. We are coming
along with renovations at our home and every day feels
closer and closer to being completed.

Lil Chuck Norris is such a cuddle bug and is a total Daddy's
Boy, which make Domingas (my other half) jealous. He
warms me heart every day. Please see the video attached.
He's such a smart fella, .

Thanks again for everything. We are totally in love with him
and his personality. Brings a smile to us every day. I even got
a vanity plate on one of my vehicles to represent my proud
parenthood of our love filled Toyger, Chuck Norris!  (Pic to

-Doug and Domingas

Jessica from Chicago said:

Hey Helen!
Stella is doing great, she is the best thing in the entire
world!!! She is getting so big and independent, I think I need
to get her a brother soon! Everyone who meets her says they
have never met a more beautiful or sweet cat! I'll send you

Chad from Chicago:

I just wanted to let you know how much I love my new kitten
Jasmine.  She is the most well behaved cat I have ever been
around.  We're best friends and she's growing like crazy!
Thank you so much, I will send you more pictures soon.

Darla in Minnesota writes:

Hello!  Lilly is doing so well and we couldn't be happier!  
You did such a wonderful job with her.  She enjoys playing
and has a loving personality.  She gets a lot of attention from
everyone and our kids just adore her.  She purrs all the time
and those stripes, Oh My!  She is just perfect for our family.  
We are so thankful for such a lovely kitten.

Heather in California tells us:

Joia is doing so well here. We love her to pieces and she is
the best cat!! Loving, playful, sassy, chatty and curious.  It's
obvious she came from a very caring breeder.  

Jennifer from Virginia writes:

" Tiya and I are inseperable!  She is one of God's greatest
blessings and I am crazy, crazy, crazy for her!  I kiss her little
face all day long and tell her I love her constantly...even
when she tries to climb me like a tree- Ouch! :-)  

It is clear to me how much love and tenderness you give
your kitties and I cant thank you enough.  I am truly so
thankful!  Each time I look at my sweet girl my heart melts!  
Everyone adores her - even the bank teller at the drive-in
window. "

LIann from Minnesota says:

Matie and Suri are doing so well.  What little loves!  They
are incredibly affectionate and we love it.  They are so sweet
and just love people.  You did such a wonderful job
socializing these kittens.  I bet it is a lot of hard work but the
payoff is incredible.  They could not be more darling and
lovable.  We kiss and play with them all the time, they are
great! : )"

Keri from Illinois tells us:

"  I hope all is well, Piper is doing wonderful!  She loves my
husband and curls up with him every chance she gets!  She
has a fantastic personality! We just love her!"

Kerri from Illinois talks about her second Toyger:

"Hello Helen,
Peter is doing awesome!!  He is so stinking cute we just love
him.  He and Piper get along really well.  I was worried that
Piper would not get along with him, but she really has fun
playing with him.  Peter follows Piper everywhere she goes.  
It is getting very crowded behind my computer!!!"

Jeannine from Illinois says:

"Hobbes is doing really well.  She loves watching me cook
in the kitchen and following me around the house.  She
always talks to us and is such a cuddle bug.  She loves to
play and all my friends say she is the best little kitty ever!  
Hobbes LOVES to pounce on Bill when he is sleeping.  She
thinks its the funniest thing ever to scare him (and so do I).  
Even though Bill is a little sleep deprived he thinks she is
great.  She is a wonderful addition to our family and I miss
her so much when I have to go to work."

Wendy from Canada writes:

"I love Bella even more each year
She is so smart and funny
She meows softly to let me know when the dogs want to
come in from the outdoors. When I work at my computer [like
now] she parks herself right beside  [or in front of ] the
computer.  It can be annoying but when she is purring…its
also sooo sweet.

Bella stories are endless

She loves to be in the limelight and she welcomes each
visitor into the home I want to get another one, keep me in
mind, perhaps a male
Regina from North Carolina writes:

I cannot thank you enough for my beautiful female Toyger.  
I named her Tigerina.  She is so sweet, very intelligent and
loves to jump up high and look out the window at the birds
on her 7 foot tall claw hut.  She acclimated so well to our
home when I first received her.  We only have to show her
something one time and she has it down pat.   She also
opened my sons bedroom door after he put her hands on it
one time.  She is a joy to have around us and we love her
so much.  Thank you for all the hard work, affection, and
attention that you gave her during her first months of life.  
Another special thank you for answering all of my many
questions before she arrived.  You gave me all the
guidance to prepare for her arrival and I followed all of
your suggestions.  That is why it was a success!   You’re
the best! There is no doubt you do an outstanding job
raising these little beauties.  I just want to have a whole
house full of little Toygers now.  I plan to be in touch in the
future to possibly purchase another Toyger female to