My best little friend in the whole world! We just love him so much and he makes our lives so happy every day! Melts my heart every time I get home. He sees me off when I leave by jumping on the stairs by a window and greets me every day when I get home. Thank you again.

We absolutely adore him to death and he’s such a great complement to us. Chuck Norris is doing awesome and continuing to be a busy boy. He LOVES to be around me with everything I do, he needs a little tool belt. We are coming along with renovations at our home and every day feels closer and closer to being completed.

Lil Chuck Norris is such a cuddle bug and is a total Daddy’s Boy, which make Domingas (my other half) jealous. He warms me heart every day.

Thanks again for everything. We are totally in love with him and his personality. Brings a smile to us every day. I even got a vanity plate on one of my vehicles to represent my proud
parenthood of our love-filled Toyger, Chuck Norris!