Baybee is doing quite well! He is super spoiled. He loves to talk and is very social with all our friends. Friends of ours who are not warm to cats even find it difficult not to like him. He is precocious and silly…he loves to play tag, running by me and tapping me as he flies by. First thing in the morning, he drags his feather toy down the hall and jumps on the bed to drop it on my face. He really loves to talk with Kenny. They carry on a conversation, it’s hysterical. He loves it when our CSA box arrives and cries until we empty it so he can jump in.

When we take him to PetCo to get his nails trimmed, the store stops and everyone comes to greet him. He just relaxes and loves the attention while they pamper him.

Forget working on the computer because he will lay across the keyboard because I’m not paying attention to him. And watch your water…he thinks my water is his water and sticks
his head in the glass when I’m not looking. The ice maker is his fascination…ice was the best thing invented because he can bat it across the floor. Unfortunately, it also means drinks with ice in it is an invitation to play.

The black stool at the bar is where he loves to hang out and if you are occupying it, he will let you know thats his spot. We love this little guy…actually he’s not so little anymore but he will always be our Baybee.