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Our Toyger Kittens and Pricing

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Designer Stripes Toygers Kittens

Pet Quality


Show Quality

$2000 & up

The Toyger breed is still developing, every kitten is different and unique so we cannot quote just one price for a kitten, because of the wide variation between the Toyger kittens. Some are closer to the breed standard, more striped, better contrast and more orange in color. Every Toyger kitten born in my cattery is unique and special. My goal is to breed healthy Toygers with great loving personality, but wild look.

We all know the saying, “you get what you pay for,” which is exactly why I purchased my first two females from reputable Toyger breeders and bred them with the best males available.

I kept the best from the first litters and developed my own bloodlines and was rewarded the highest titles from American and international judges. You can see most of them at “wall of fame” page on this website.

Price for my kittens is usually between $1800-$2000 for pet quality, $2000 and up for show quality.

In addition, I spare no expense when it comes to my Toygers. My kittens are fed the best cat food available, highest quality of ingredients in order to build a strong immune system and beautiful coat from an early age. Their moms and all my adult Toyger cats are fed home made raw food.

My Toyger kittens typically leave the cattery at 12 weeks of age, spayed and
neutered with their first kitten shots and veterinarian visits, since I do not vaccinate at home, health warranty for one year, TICA registration papers, copy of parent’s achievements and pedigree. All of these things are included in the price for my Toygers. Breeding Toygers is a hobby and a challenge for me, to create the best possible Toygers, NOT to minimize expenses and sell cheap or overpriced kittens to turn a profit.

I don’t have crates in the house or outside. My kittens are born in one of our bedrooms a couple of my females share. Socializing kittens is the best part of breeding, and letting them go to their new homes is the worst.

But getting thank you emails from my kittens’ families, knowing how all my kittens are loved and how many people my kittens make happy is the BEST.

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