Testimonials and Stories from our Happy DesignerStripes Toyger Family

Sandy & Jim, Melbourne, FL

Words can’t express the feelings my husband and I have for our little Toyger female kitty we named Nyla. At first we thought that spending a lot of money for a cat could be questionable but believe us our kitty is worth EVERY penny and more. We saw an advertisement in the TICA cat show brochure for the Toyger cat breed and we found Helen Baloun. There weren’t any Toygers at the show but we were impressed with the color advertisement and the beautiful cats that were pictured in it. Contacting Helen began a wonderful journey with we think probably the best, most professional Toyger breeder in the world. Helen has won every important award with her cats and that was important to us. This let us know she masters professionalism but isn’t running a “cattery” for money. Helen loves every one
on her cats and new kitties like her own. It shows because our Nyla came very equally socialized loving my husband, myself and every new person she has met. Nyla allows everyone to hold her and pet her. Nyla loves to play with us and her toys together, she sleeps with us all through the night, she is quiet, and very intelligent. We live in a small
apartment and she rather be with us than try to escape to the outside world. If you have to be on a waiting list like we did, count your blessings because; that the wait will be worth it when your “forever kitty” arrives. It will be such a magical moment to begin your journey with living with a Toyger! Thank you Helen Baloun, forever we will be grateful!

Carolina Steier

I wanted to say that Charlie is the most adorable and sweet cat I have ever had and I am crazy about him. Wanted to thank you again for him and hope you keep doing what you are doing, so I can always have one of your wonderful Toygers.

Kenny and Bill, CA

Baybee is doing quite well! He is super spoiled. He loves to talk and is very social with all our friends. Friends of ours who are not warm to cats even find it difficult not to like him. He is precocious and silly…he loves to play tag, running by me and tapping me as he flies by. First thing in the morning, he drags his feather toy down the hall and jumps on the bed to drop it on my face. He really loves to talk with Kenny. They carry on a conversation, it’s hysterical. He loves it when our CSA box arrives and cries until we empty it so he can jump in.

When we take him to PetCo to get his nails trimmed, the store stops and everyone comes to greet him. He just relaxes and loves the attention while they pamper him.

Forget working on the computer because he will lay across the keyboard because I’m not paying attention to him. And watch your water…he thinks my water is his water and sticks
his head in the glass when I’m not looking. The ice maker is his fascination…ice was the best thing invented because he can bat it across the floor. Unfortunately, it also means drinks with ice in it is an invitation to play.

The black stool at the bar is where he loves to hang out and if you are occupying it, he will let you know thats his spot. We love this little guy…actually he’s not so little anymore but he will always be our Baybee.

Cathy, IL

Our baby is doing great! He’s a sassy lover boy, great personality. He knows his name, comes when called. Right now he’s losing his baby fangs, so he has double. He has gotten darker and so soft. We love him so much, it’s hard to explain how amazing andadorable he is.

Doug and Domingas

My best little friend in the whole world! We just love him so much and he makes our lives so happy every day! Melts my heart every time I get home. He sees me off when I leave by jumping on the stairs by a window and greets me every day when I get home. Thank you again.

We absolutely adore him to death and he’s such a great complement to us. Chuck Norris is doing awesome and continuing to be a busy boy. He LOVES to be around me with everything I do, he needs a little tool belt. We are coming along with renovations at our home and every day feels closer and closer to being completed.

Lil Chuck Norris is such a cuddle bug and is a total Daddy’s Boy, which make Domingas (my other half) jealous. He warms me heart every day.

Thanks again for everything. We are totally in love with him and his personality. Brings a smile to us every day. I even got a vanity plate on one of my vehicles to represent my proud
parenthood of our love-filled Toyger, Chuck Norris!

Jessica, Chicago, IL

Stella is doing great, she is the best thing in the entire world! She is getting so big and independent, I think I need to get her a brother soon! Everyone who meets her says they
have never met a more beautiful or sweet cat!

Chad, Chicago, IL

I just wanted to let you know how much I love my new kitten Jasmine. She is the most well-behaved cat I have ever been around. We’re best friends and she’s growing like crazy!
Thank you so much.

Darla, MN

Lilly is doing so well and we couldn’t be happier! You did such a wonderful job with her. She enjoys playing and has a loving personality. She gets a lot of attention from everyone and our kids just adore her. She purrs all the time and those stripes, Oh My! She is just perfect for our family. We are so thankful for such a lovely kitten.

Heather CA

Joia is doing so well here. We love her to pieces and she is the best cat!! Loving, playful, sassy, chatty and curious. It’s obvious she came from a very caring breeder.

Keri, IL

Piper is doing wonderful! She loves my husband and curls up with him every chance she gets! She has a fantastic personality! We just love her!

On her 2nd DesignerStripes Toyger: Peter is doing awesome!! He is so stinking cute we just love him. He and Piper get along really well. I was worried that Piper would not get along with him, but she really has fun playing with him. Peter follows Piper everywhere she goes.
It is getting very crowded behind my computer!

Jeannine. IL

Hobbes is doing really well. She loves watching me cook in the kitchen and following me around the house. She always talks to us and is such a cuddle bug. She loves to play and all my friends say she is the best little kitty ever! Hobbes LOVES to pounce on Bill when he is sleeping. She thinks it’s the funniest thing ever to scare him (and so do I). Even though Bill is a little sleep deprived he thinks she is great. She is a wonderful addition to our family and I miss her so much when I have to go to work.

Wendy, Canada

I love Bella even more each year. She is so smart and funny. She meows softly to let me know when the dogs want to come in from the outdoors. When I work at my computer [like
now] she parks herself right beside [or in front of ] the computer. It can be annoying but when she is purring…its also sooo sweet.

Bella stories are endless. She loves to be in the limelight and she welcomes each visitor into the home I want to get another one, keep me in mind, perhaps a male…